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...sisters and best friends on a mission to help women finally escape the endless cycle of yo-yo dieting!

We've struggled with our weight for as long as we can remember, and spent most of our lives trying to lose fat.


Between the two of us, we’ve tried every diet under the sun...fad diets, juice cleanses, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, 30-day shreds… you name it!


But the result was always the same…


We’d lose a few pounds...our jeans would fit better...and we’d start feeling pretty good…


But then BOOM - life would get in the way!!


Date nights, girls’ night out, vacations, work happy hours, birthdays, holidays… it seemed like there was ALWAYS something.


We’d fall off track, return to our “normal” lifestyle, and gain back ALL the weight we lost (and usually even more).


It was so frustrating to be constantly dieting, but never seeing any real, long-lasting results.


We finally got to a point where we were so frustrated and defeated that we decided to stop looking for a QUICK FIX, and started looking for how to do things RIGHT.


We never had any long-term success doing things on our own, so we gave in and hired a coach that knew exactly what to do.


The results we saw from working with a coach were the best we had ever achieved! 


We finally started understanding what and how to eat to fire up our metabolisms.


And we swapped the treadmill for the weight room and dropped fat faster than ever before. 


Our friends and families couldn’t believe how much our bodies had transformed!


The whole process of being educated about how to lose fat and take back control of our bodies really made us feel empowered and in control.


I mean, we felt like entirely new people!


Let's be honest… it’s not because we looked like Victoria’s Secret models or anything (we still had a long way to go)


It was because of how powerful we felt mentally!


We felt strong, and capable of achieving anything.


We felt confident and ready to take on the world.


About six years ago, we realized that health and fitness had truly become our passion...


I mean, we couldn’t shut up about it!


It was all we thought about. It was all we talked about. 


We were so thankful for the incredible changes that it brought to our lives, and how happy and fulfilled it made us.


We realized that this transformation fundamentally changed all aspects of our lives. 


But it was more than just physical. Our transformation up-leveled our health, our relationships, our careers, and even our finances.




And we wanted other women to experience that same shift in their lives that we experienced in ours.




We began studying and learning as much as we could about nutrition and training and health.


We decided to launch our own online coaching business - JM Strength Academy - to help as many women as possible lose fat, get strong, take control of their health, and feel as confident and unstoppable as we do.


We find so much joy watching women fall in love with being strong - physically, mentally, and emotionally.


It has SUCH a spillover effect into the other parts of their lives - their romantic relationships, how they show up for their kids, how they show up at work, and most importantly… how they show up for themselves.


Watching someone’s journey to greater self love is honestly the most beautiful and fulfilling part of our job.


Our health and fitness journeys have taken us down a lot of different paths… and through it all, we’ve truly learned the value of having a coach and mentor.


Having someone that knows more than you, who has been through what you’re going through, and can be there to guide and support you every step of the way has been a GAME CHANGER in our success….


And that’s what we want to offer to YOU.


We understand the pain you’re in.


We lived it.


And that’s exactly why we created Legacy - to help YOU if you are struggling the same way we were. 


We love you. We’re here for you. 


And we look forward to getting to know you better inside Legacy!